“I was introduced to Cashbox Global by way of their presentation at Ann Wilson’s Financial Freedom University (FFU). I was brand new to Structured Notes at the time and the investment opportunities were really well explained and easily understood. Their team have been super-efficient, reliable, and always available. All that was promised has come to fruition and payments timeously received. I can highly recommend Cashbox Global.”
"In 2019, I set out on a journey to decrease my dependence on a salaried income. A key part of building a balanced and diversified plan has included the solutions provided by Cashbox Global. Anyone seeking good predictable income flows, through a sound investment platform, must surely consider the Cashbox Global structured notes. The coupon payments have delivered returns at rates I would not be able to find in a retail product and without the risk of equity investments. By including the Cashbox Global notes in my portfolio, I am benefiting from institutional level returns with a trusted global bank. The regular coupon payments allow me to continually grow the funds I have available in my portfolio, allowing me to make further investments and to continue to build my long-term financial independence."
"Just wanted to thank you guys for the great “box” of wins over the last year. These gains haves been beyond my wildest expectations and truly remarkable. I’m so blessed and grateful to have crossed your paths. Your feedback is phenomenal, and the way the system manages everything is so precise and clear, you make this is all so easy-peasy. Thank you to the team and everyone involved in putting these deals together, as I know this takes a lot of time and energy to do so. So super well done, and I continue to look forward to a mutually beneficial association. With gratitude and thanks."
"Being a “joe soap” investor, I never knew where to actually go or what to do. I feel that “Financial advisors” don’t always have their clients’ interest at heart, and that for me is a concern for me and my family’s security and future. I was able to invest directly in a foreign currency with protected returns. I appreciate the continual opportunities, hands on support and openness on possible risk and how it is managed."
"Just a quick note to express my gratitude for having been able to participate in your ventures over the past year. It has been a very profitable association for me and your high levels of service and professionalism have given me great peace of mind in my transition to retirement. Wishing you all a peaceful and safe Christmas in the company of those who matter most to you."
"I have was introduced to the folks at Cashbox earlier this year in February 2021. I am a novice investor and have had no previous experience in dealing directly with investments involving structured notes and the like. My dealings with Cashbox and Gill Kabe have been an absolute pleasure. Gill and the team have talked me through what seemed like a very complex investment in a way that made sense to me and gave me piece of mind that my investment was in good hands. This has proven true with all the returns delivering as initially presented. I would recommend their services to anyone looking at this type of investment. Thank you. I look forward to building my investment portfolio with this team."
"I decided to invest with Cashbox Global as a result of their innovative financial product offerings. Structured notes are a unique investment vehicle, allowing exposure to equities and at the same time ensuring an interest payout during the term of the note. Cashbox offer a personalized approach to their clients which stands out for me."
“With Andrew and Cashbox, I have found an organisation that I can absolutely trust with my life’s savings. What a gift.”

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