“Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not trained to
recognize opportunities right in front of them”

Robert Kiyosaki



The risks to consider are the strength of the Issuing Bank, choice of the underlyings, fixed return and term of the investment.



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You will require a trading platform. Should you need a platform we can share the platforms that our investors are currently using.

Decide on the Structured Product you wish to invest in and Cashbox Global will provide you with the relevant ISIN number.

Products open for investment will be found on our website

Once you have funded your platform you will instruct them to place the investment on your behalf using the relevant ISIN number.

Your funds will flow from your platform directly into the Structured Product and any payments and capital due will flow back to your platform.

No funds ever flow through Cashbox Global.


An investor can only access these institutional products via an online trading platform, also called custodial platforms, as the trading platform holds the contract on behalf of the investor.

The investor instructs their platform to invest in the product on their behalf, quoting the relevant product ISIN number that Cashbox Global provides.

All reporting and funds flow is between the investor and their platforms. A highly regulated and controlled environment.

Investors have many suitable online trading platforms available to choose from.

Investors would typically look at the convenience, minimum investment amounts, costs & service offerings provided by the various platforms, in making their decisions of whom to use.

As a product provider Cashbox Global remains neutral in terms of platform providers.

By no means exhaustive, the following are among the more active of these platforms our community are using:


A common misconception is that a Structured Investment is the same as a mutual fund; or they believe that they have invested directly into the underlying index, commodity etc.

Investment takes the form of a loan to the Issuer who agrees to pay back to them the capital and returns being offered subject to a set of predefined conditions.

A cash investment does the same thing.


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